Your Dashboard

NestEgg aims to provide you the portal to crowdfund sustainable infrastructrue and reduce your basic needs by owning the production. Your dashboard provides an overview of all the projects you own pieces of and your aggregated kWh generated from them.

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Self Sufficiency


The goal of NestEgg is to reduce your basic needs to 0 by owning enough production from a variety of sustainable infrastructure. Such as owning 10% in a solar panel across the country, to receive 10% of the kWh produced and directly reduce your energy bill.

Your self-sufficiency bar can be set to your custom energy levels and will track the kWh produced from all your projects. This helps you track, at a glance, your progress towards reaching 100% self-sufficency, which means your projects would produce enough energy to reduce your energy bill to zero.

Your Eggs

Your Eggs

The total of how much you have invested in all your eggs is at the center-top of your dashboard.

NestEgg calls infrastructure projects, “Eggs”. Thus, you can see how many projects (eggs) you have in your portfolio.

Note: this box doesn’t track the size of each share. Thus, 1% or 99% ownership of an egg would still be displayed as “1 Egg”. To dividend box tracks how much you receive each month.



When you own shares in a variety of energy projects, they will each produce a portion of kWh. The dividend box aggregates all the kWh coming from your eggs each month, so you can track the euro equivalent of what your total investment creates each month.

Egg Investments


Here your projects are aggregated into their corresponding indsutry.

  • ⚡️ Energy projects provide kWh to reduce your energy bill
  • 🚘 Transport projects provide free mobility
  • 🖥 Leisure projects are usually expensive gadgets and equipment that allows individuals to have the same purchasing power as a company, providing access to enterprise tools at a literal fraction of the price.
  • 🏡 Real Estate projects provide streams of rent and/or free credits to rent the location for a night.
  • 🥕 Food Projects provide weekly shipments of produce produced on your plot of land
  • If you have suggestions, we welcome you to email us feedback.

⚠ Currently, NestEgg only supports sustainable energy projects. We plan to cover other other basic needs over time.

Within each industry, you view further information and settings

  • Adjust your self-sufficiency needs
  • Generation: the utility generated each moneth (example: kWh from your Energy projects)
  • Cashed Out: how much utility you’ve sold for euro
  • Bill Reduction: how much utility has reduced your energy bill


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